CONTROVERSY: Biden’s Word Choice Sparks Outrage – Guess What He Called LL Cool J!

A wave of controversy has engulfed President Biden following his reference to LL Cool J as “boy” during an address to the Congressional Black Caucus. Critics were quick to label the remark as racially insensitive, especially when directed at a Black individual. Leo Terrell, a contributor to Fox News, was among those who called out Biden, attributing a history of racial insensitivity to the President and citing such behavior as a catalyst for his exit from the Democratic Party in 2020.

The moment of contention occurred as Biden was lauding the impact of LL Cool J and MC Lyte on hip hop. According to Fox News, a slip of the tongue saw Biden refer to LL Cool J as “that boy,” swiftly correcting himself to “that man.” Given the historical racial connotations of the term “boy” when used by a White person to address a Black man, the comment drew widespread disapproval.

Renowned radio host Charlamagne tha God, who has had prior disagreements with Biden, did not mince his words in criticizing the President. Assigning Biden the “Donkey of the Day,” Charlamagne highlighted the racial significance of the word “boy,” using a scene from “Good Times” to demonstrate its derogatory nature.

The remark led to a discussion among a group of Black voters on “FOX & Friends First,” where disappointment was expressed, and Chris McCullough observed that the public is getting a clearer picture of Biden’s true character. The White House remains silent on the issue, with no official response to the incident.

Polls indicate a diminishing level of support for Biden among minority groups compared to 2020. The incident underscores the ongoing debate surrounding racial sensitivity, language, and the accountability of political figures.

To sum up, President Biden’s use of the term “boy” in reference to LL Cool J has sparked widespread debate on racial sensitivity and raised doubts about his stance on race and his ability to maintain the backing of crucial voter segments.