The Top 10 Strategies for Securing Your Home Against Looting and Invasion

Home invasion and looting can occur at any time, leaving you vulnerable to property damage and even personal harm. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to secure your home and protect your family in the event of a break-in. Here are ten effective strategies for securing your home against looting and invasion:

1. Install a security system.

A security system can alert you and authorities to any potential break-ins, as well as deter would-be intruders. Install security cameras and alarms at all entry points, including doors and windows.

2. Reinforce doors and windows.

Make sure all doors and windows are made of sturdy materials and are locked at all times. Consider investing in a reinforcing kit that adds extra protection to doorframes and entry points.

3. Keep your property well-lit.

Intruders prefer to operate under the cover of darkness. Install outdoor lighting on your property, including motion-activated lights that turn on when movement is detected.

4. Install heavy-duty locks and bolts.

Standard locks are often easy to bypass, so consider investing in heavy-duty deadbolts and bolts to secure your doors and windows further.

5. Secure your garage.

It is important to make sure that your garage is as secure as the rest of your house. Keep the garage door closed when not in use, and make sure any windows or other entry points are secured.

6. Keep your yard well-maintained.

Thick shrubs and overgrown trees can provide cover for intruders. Keep your yard neat and tidy and remove any overgrown plants or debris.

7. Consider getting a guard dog.

Guard dogs can be effective deterrents to intruders. Research breeds that are known for their protective nature, and consider attending training sessions with your pet to ensure they can effectively protect you and your family.

8. Make peace with your neighbors.

Having good relationships with your neighbors can help create a sense of community and increase security. Your neighbors can keep an eye out for suspicious activity when you are not home, and you can return the favor.

9. Store valuables out of sight.

Do not leave any valuables visible from the windows. Alternatively, invest in a safe that cannot be easily carried away.

10. Have an emergency plan in place.

If an invasion occurs, it is important to have a plan to protect your family, including a designated safe room, emergency communication, and escape routes.


Securing your home against looting and invasion takes a combination of measures, including technology, physical reinforcements, and good relationships with your neighbors. By incorporating these top ten strategies into your home security plan, you can help safeguard your property and protect your loved ones from harm. Remember to always be vigilant and take action to secure your home against potential threats.