Trump’s Bold Move to Protect American Citizen from Russian Prison

The liberal Biden administration continues to prove that it is weak on foreign policy and puts the interests of other nations ahead of the United States. Last week, President Biden made the disgraceful decision to exchange a convicted arms dealer for a WNBA star, while former President Trump had rejected a deal to bring back American Paul Whelan from Russian custody.

Despite being in prison for over four years, former President Trump refused to make a deal with Russia to exchange the notorious arms dealer Viktor Bout for Whelan, who was arrested and convicted on espionage charges while Trump was in office. 

Trump stated on his Truth Social account, “I wouldn’t have made the deal for a hundred people in exchange for someone that has killed untold numbers of people with his arms deals. The deal for Griner is crazy and bad.”

Paul Whelan’s brother, David, criticized Trump’s comments, but he fails to understand the gravity of the situation. The liberal Biden administration put the interests of a basketball player ahead of a United States citizen and betrayed the country by negotiating with a convicted arms dealer. This is yet another example of the Democrats’ disregard for the safety and well-being of Americans.

The liberal media continues to defend the Biden administration’s actions and attack former President Trump, but patriotic Americans see the truth. 

The Democrats are weak on foreign policy and will always put the interests of other countries ahead of the United States. It’s time for strong leadership and to Make America Great Again.